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The end isn't nigh, it's here


This will be my last Celeb-bait boys, I thank those of you who kept returning here.  This blog has been a little experiment for me and it didn't end the way I wanted it too.

I hate the stigmatisation of sexuality with a comic-book-style veracity that superheroes reserve for their arch nemesis.  I think telling people what they can or can't wear, how they can or can't behave, and whether they can or can't look at other human beings as a normal part of  their sexuality, is damaging to the human spirit in ways that we can't quantify.   Gender equality is also close to my heart and I really wanted to make sure that if I presented articles on beautiful women, that I did the same on beautiful men.

This blog was meant to, in some small way, fight sexual stigmatisation and to make it acceptable to objectify equally...

...but I don't think I'm very good at promoting the lads.

I appreciate a good looking human being, even if they're a guy.  I say that from the standpoint of someone who's a hetro male, but who's happy to tap their girlfriend on the shoulder and go "woh, check out that guys arms - whatcha think?" or "Seriously, that guy has amazing eyes - I wish I had eyes like that..." without feeling awkward or wierd, but that's how I was raised.

You see my parents taught me that the most beautiful thing of all, the most amazing thing this world has to offer, are people.  I remember sitting on a bench by the beach with my family, over and over again, just watching people pass and my family pointing out individuals that they thought were exceptional and why. It became a game, the beautiful people game.  It was something that made me smile and I wanted to share that feeling.

Unfortunately a series of things have come to a head.  For a start, it's very hard to find good pics and stories about guys.  When I go through celebrity blogs in my mornings, I normally have 20-30 quality photoshoots/stories on  women to choose between, but struggle to find 3 of similar quality that feature men. Add to this the fact that eBlogger is changing it's rules on what content is allowed in it's blogs, meaning that a lot of what happens on this site will get banned (Nice work conservatives!  "Family friendly" fear-of-the-human-body wins again!).  I could move everything to Tumblr but this blog doesn't get anywhere near the hits that my other blogs do, so regretfully, I'm letting it go.

I hope some of the things here made you smile in appreciation of the male form and that you all continue do one thing for me-

Enjoy the beautiful people, people. 

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