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Ryan Renolds and Blake Lively throw gender-norms out the window


A conversation I semi-regularly have with my other half is that gender distinction and difference is something we enforce, even before our children are born.  By that I specifically mean that when we name our children, we specifically distinguish between "boy names" and "girl names".  Sure, there are names that are considered to be uni-sex, but giving your child a uni-sex name isn't quite the same as awarding them one that is deemed to be for the opposite gender.

Blake and Ryan have had a girl, and named it James.

My partner and I debated whether this was something we could ever do, but I don't think we currently live in a world where anyone other than a celebrity could do this.  The reason I say that is that it's incredibly likely that an attempt at breaking this gender norm will mean that your child is likely to spend their entire youth getting their face kicked in, or mercilessly teased, a situation they would most likely blame you for. 

In my own experience I grew up with a boy called Kimberly.  He may have been the only guy who got punched in the face as often as I did - which was constantly.

Now if you're rich, famous and everyone wants to be your friend, maybe those kids don't have to deal with those issues.

What do you think of their decision to award what is considered a masculine name to a girl?  Do you think the child will suffer for that decision or will they be fine?


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