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RiRi is banging Leo


Rihanna it appears likes her men lean and mean which may be a problem because apparently Leonardo Dicapro is now tapping that. Word is that RiRi thinks her man has a bit of the pudge, and by bit, I mean he doesn't have a six pack.

Geesh Rihanna, if you're using 'lacking a six-pack' as evidence of having a 'bit of pudge', 9/10's of Australia is morbidly obese.  Anway, Ok Magazine had this to say:

“Ri’s got extremely high standards when it comes to who she sleeps with and Leo falls out of this category because he’s a lot more flabbier than her usual lovers,” a source exclusively told

Although the “Diamonds” singer has been teasing her man, he isn’t getting the hint that she wants him to shed a few pounds! “Leo thinks it’s all highly amusing,” the source shared. “He’s never had a girl tell him what to do, so you can imagine how much he’s loving it.”

The insider revealed that she snagged him a trainer and signed him up for martial arts classes. “She wants him to get a six-pack,” the source dished.


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