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Justin Bieber buys mountains of good press for $200


Bieber recently released a video telling everyone how he's turned over a new leaf and is a good boy now.  Beliebers everywhere frothed at the groin and screamed "praise Jesus",
or at least that's how I mentally picture their response.  Well if you're a Belieber, get ready to froth some more now.

Justin was in a Diner eating when he noticed some cops eating and decided to pay their way:

Bieber was eating at the Comfort Diner in NYC when he noticed a few officers eating next to him … so when it came time to pay up, Justin coughed up the dough for their tab — around $200.

The officers walked over and thanked Bieber for hooking them up … then snapped a pic — which Justin posted on Shots — so they could prove to their family the whole thing actually went down. 


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