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Justin Bieber blew his damn leg off


Ok, so that title is tooootally overstating things, but it's been a slow week for celebrity-gent gossip.

Justin Bieber egged his neighbours house a while ago and was required to do anger management, community service and pay a fine of $80,900.    He did some of the anger management, paid the fine and but didn't do a day of community service and the reason why?  He hurt his ankle playing soccer (pic below).

I have two missing ligaments from my right ankle and one from my left (sports injuries), so I can attest to the fact that this kind of injury hurts like all hell... I can also attest to the fact that two weeks of physio and some strapping tape will get you back in the trenches doing community service without any issues.

I believe in Australia the court judge would sentence Bieber to imbibe a spoonful of cement so he can harden the hell up.

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