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George Clooney having relationship issues already?

Never a good sign when you won't make eye contact while posing for 'together' pics


When I found out that George Clooney was marrying a world-class lawyer I put my hands over my face and just shook my head.  George's wife is a world class human rights lawyer, you know what that probably means - that she has world class divorce lawyer friends. I don't care who are, you don't marry someone who can become murderously, irrationally angry at you, then pursue in a court of law for free. Not to mention... why would you ever leave Stacey Kiebler?

Anyway, what's happening between George and Amal?

Via Gossip Cop:
According to Life & Style, the newlyweds are on their own and happy about it. George is filming a movie in Los Angeles while Amal is working out of London, and “the couple actually welcomed the break,” alleges the tabloid. A so-called “insider” tells the magazine, “They’re really happy right now being on their own.”

That’s because the Clooneys “sure weren’t happy together.” The outlet claims they’ve been fighting about whether to start a family, and that George’s close friends are allegedly fed up with Amal’s seriousness and hoping “the distance is the first step on the road to divorce.”

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