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Don't take post-coital pics of Julian Edelman or prepare for wrath


This is one of those moments that I seriously facepalm for.  Sabrina Dudish had sex with superbowl superstar Julian Edelman and took a selfy afterwards which she posted with the charming caption "just f**ked Edelman no lie".  In turn, Boston went berko at the girl... (via TMZ):

The woman who snuck a picture of a sleeping Julian Edelman while in the same bed — and then posted it on Tinder — admits the move was a huge mistake … and says she feels terrible about it.
The woman, Sabrina, has been under fire all day long … and has even been blackballed from Boston nightclubs … by people who claim she invaded Edelman’s privacy in a major way.
“I made a mistake. I feel really bad about it.”
“He passed out and I was bored I guess. I was drunk … and I made a mistake and I feel terrible about it.”
Sabrina also says she doubts the nightclub ban in Boston will hold up — “I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of clubbing in Boston – and I have friends who work there who say I’m still welcome. I don’t know if I’ll go out anytime soon – but that’s MY choice.”
She adds, “Some of the players were texting me that they were really disappointed. I obviously made a mistake and I can’t take it back.”
I'm not sure why anyone cares? This exact same thing happened to Nina Agdal a little while ago and no one batted an eye... I give full permission for feminists to froth and scream that the difference is one's a woman and one's a man, and I give full permission to Patriots fans to scream "Nina Agdal didn't win the freaking superbowl!!!"  Then I'll sit quietly and hope that this is just a new awareness of the importance of consent and back away quietly.


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