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WAR of the Chris'! Pratt vs Evans


The war of the action hero great's is finally upon, thanks in large to the fact that both Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Chris Evans (Captain America) are big NFL fans but for opposing teams...

It appears the Seahawks and the Patriots are about to face off, which prompted this tweet from Evans:

To which Pratt replied:

In my mental-ultimate-universe I pretend that a bunch of other Chris' join in on this fight like Star Trek's Chris Pine and just to get some color *insert deep African-American voice here* up in this here bitch *end voice* Chris Rock throws down as well - unfortunately none of that actually happened.  Instead the twitter fencing continued as such:

Well, at least this testosterone-fueled war-of-word will end in the benefit of a good cause.  I look forward to the outcome.

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