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Shia LaBeouf naked-ish dance battles with a 13 year old girl

Seeing the names Shia and Sia in the same sentence just looks like a typo, but those are the real names of the two people behind this little piece of sunshine.

I feel bad that I don't know who Sia is as she's an Aussie songwriter and clearly Australia is a small enough place that we all meet for coffee and say g'day to each other at the same shack while travelling around in the pouches of kangaroos ("MUSH SKIPPY, MUSH!") - but until today I have never once seen the name Sia.

Shia on the other hand I kind of love and wish to god that people would lay off of him already.  So he's a bit fruity, so what?  Grow up in the eye of public scrutiny and we'd all be a few extra shades of odd.  I like odd, it adds character, makes a person more likeable.

That being said - I am not particularly great at understanding intepretive dance, which is what is happening here in this video of Shia and a 13 year old girl (Maddie Ziegler) who actually looks like a much younger version of Sia.

Anyway, I lasted about one minute into this piece before I went 'Love you Shia... but I don't get it.' Check it out for yourself:

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