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Nick Cannon wants Mariah's money


Short, short version: Mariah Carey made a tonne of money in Las Vegas for her Vegas shows.  Now Nick Cannon and Mariah are getting divorced, and Nick wants a cut of those proceeds and people are getting mad that this is happening.

Even though the couple already have an prenuptial agreement in place, one source claiming to be in the know insists in the January 2, issue of Star Magazine that is Nick’s mind he figured he was still owed something for all his pain and suffering.
“Nick thinks he deserves a chunk of the money for having to put up with Mariah’s antics for so many years. He’s tempted to keep fighting for more, but he’d rather just get it over with. Nick is beyond ready to move on.”
While Nick certainly hasn’t done anything as vulgar as publicly mention the fact that he thinks some of that money should be his, in a recent chat with the Las Vegas Sun, Cannon did manage to somehow make it sound like the whole thing was his originally his idea.
“I’d been encouraging her for a long time to do a run of Las Vegas shows. She once talked with Steve Wynn about a residency. But she wouldn’t commit. Now, though, she is thrilled about doing them and very excited. They will be fantastic shows. I will be there to support her.”
I find the commentary on this story to be hilarious because this is the first time I've seen an article where the breadwinner in a high-profile relationship is female and that the male is going for half the assets in divorce proceedings.  Personally I believe that when you sign up for relationship, you're a partnership and as long as you've been acting like partners, then it makes sense you would split your assets attained during that relationship 50/50 (if someone brought more assets into the relationship, or you were carried for the relationship, that's another story)  I don't really see how gender enters into that debate in an age where we seem to globally promote the concept of gender equality. 

If a house-wife can sue a husband for the loss of future potential earnings, how is asking for a cut of Las Vegas profits any different?


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