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Kanye collabs with Paul McCartney on touching new track "Only One"


Two of the greatest music minds have come together on the track "Only One", written by Kanye West and featuring Beatle's legend Paul MacCartney on the organ.

Kanye cops a lot of attention for his attitude but anyone who's ever been in the public eye will tell you, anyone who stands tall will meet a world full of people looking to take cheap shots at you to make themselves feel bigger.  In the face of that, sometimes you have to love yourself a little to combat that hate.

Am I a Kanye fan? I fence-sit for 90% of the things Kanye does.I love a track of his every now and then, I hate others, and while I'm happy to poke fun at some of the more outlandish stuff he does I also get why he does them.

This new piece is lovely and reveals something gentle about the man.

This song is written from his passed mother's perspective who asks her son ensure that her granddaughter rememebers her, and for her son to stay strong without her.

Song and lyrics below:

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