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Justin Bieber faked his bulges


So last week I put up some pics of the B-bare in his underwear and mentioned  how impressed I was that the man-child filled them out so well.  Well, forget that.  All Biebers bulging bits are lies as you can see via the image above.

Personally what I find interesting is how everyone is handling this, because basically everyone's acting like this is scandelous.

Um... do you know how many women's images are photoshopped into oblivion?  You don't think a single photo that Madonna has released in the last decade hasn't been photoshopped into a coma?  If anything this probably sheds a little light on the growing problem of male body image issues and here's the difference between men and women's body image issues.

Women are expected to be skinny, pretty, yet still have a massive ass and boobs.  That leads to starving yourself and or surgery.

Now take a look at every male sexy symbol?  Is skinny enough?  Is good looking enough?

Clearly pictures like this one point out that the answer is no.  To be the pinnacle of male hotness you need to be ripped, good looking and successful.  That means you're less likely to suffer from bulimia as a male (though 8 year old boys are the fastest growing division of this mental illness) and more likely to suffer from something like steriods abuse.

And no, by successful I don't mean men are judged by their achievements, achievement is not enough, your achievement has to mean money. How many girls do you know who have pictures of the last male Nobel Peace Prize winner on their wall?

But dooshbags like Bieber and Chris Brown - hot guys who look good and align with the modern equivalent of 'proctector and provider' requirements... mhm, that stuff gets eaten up.

Sigh.  Short version, I have no problem looking at hot guys or girls but I haaaaate what photoshop is doing to people.  Surely we have enough beautiful people without it?

Yeah, yeah, I know - shut up old man. Excuse me, I'm going to be in my corner kicking a cat screaming, 'Photoshop is the devil.'

*sounds of screaming cat noises are heard*

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