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Is Bendict Cumberbatch becoming a father?


Baby bump gossip seems to be one of the foundations of Hollywood though I'm never entirely sure why people care about the possibility that someone is having offspring. I suppose it's the idea that you guessed it correct before the announcement was made.  So is Benedict expecting?

The above pic is being used as evidence that Benedict's fiancee Sophie Hunter is in fact baking a bun in her oven, y'know - cause she's using a purse to cover her 'expecting' tummy.

'Cumberbitches' were immediately all over this picture with one rabid fan posting this comment on Dlisted Tumblr of the photo:

That IS a baby bump showing there or she is fucking bloated as hell. What do you think? Pretty pathetic of her to trap the guy in marriage although BC isn’t exactly blameless. That’ll teach him to wrap that lil sucker. ;)Sophie is set for life regardless:/Don’t see the marriage lasting long. After all look what happened when Jeremy Renner married his baby’s mama-divorced after ten months.

Oh Cumberbitches, stop it, you're so funny! Ha... *cringes and slinks back to desk*

I personally see this photo as being closer to evidence of an all-powerful-sentient-being or maybe confirmation of the existence of unicorns rather than a baby bump, but that's me.

I suppose I should be grateful that people at least got the right Sophie this time, it would be tragic if everyone started sending Sophie Turner congratulatory messages at being impregnated by old Benny.


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