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Insurgent co-stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley are dating?


This is one of those stories that is built on the fantasies of fanboys and fangirls rather than facts - but it's still a fun one so I thought I'd report on it.

The rumor mill is going crazy that the onscreen lovers are also offscreen lovers thanks to articles like this one by Fashion & Style after the release of the Insurgent trailer:

Essentially the pitch is that the sex scene's between Theo and Shailene were too hot, had too much chemisty, to just be acting.  This snippet was then picked up by the twittersphere and went circulating amongst the fanbase.

It would actually be a kind of ugly if the two were together as Theo actually has a girlfriend (Ruth Kearney) and Shailene's thought to be involved with Hawaiian folk singer Nahko Bear.

Still what do I know, maybe that onscreen chemistry is there for a reason.

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