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I kind of love Russell Brand


I don't know why Katy Perry broke up with Russell and I don't entirely care, I love him.  The man is smart, kind of hot and if you ignore the accent, well-spoken.

Bruce Jenner right now is copping a great deal of flack because he's suffering from Gender Dismorphia (I think I got that right?), short version, he feels that he's a woman in a man's body.  I'm not going to say a damn thing about that because I can't even picture that, it's just not a concept I can wrap my head around and I truly hope that it's nothing I ever face as a father of two 'cause while I really don't care which gender my boys decide to grow up and put their penises into, I can't imagine the universe where they'd want to cut their penises off (shudders).

Anyway, Russell - outspoken chap that he is - would like people to stop hanging shit on Bruce and in an intelligent and impassioned plea had this to say on the matter (video below):

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