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You are allowed to see Emily's breasts, but not Ben Affleck's penis


A few days ago the internet went gaga for two things thanks to the movie Gone Girl:

  • Emily Ratajkowski breasts
  • Ben Affleck's penis
In brief, the movie features a sex scene in which Emily shows her breasts and a shower scene where we get a full frontol of Ben Affleck.  Not long thereafter the two scenes made their way onto the internet in the way of still images and gifs.  Now don't get me wrong, I blog on celebrity news and hot bods and while I don't feel the overwhelming need to see Ben Affleck's penis for anything other than a literal dick measuring competition, I understand that there are a number of people who want to see that particular piece of manhood for more... um... 'scientific' reasons.

Well those people are going to be dissapointed because in almost all the places that his penis used to appear you're going to find this instead:


While you can find the Emily Ratajkowski breast pics just about anywhere that does hot celebrity news, one by the one the Ben Affleck full frontal is dissappearing.

Now isn't that interesting, we have no problem seeing a woman naked but a guy... better get that stuff off the internet reeeeal quick.

Well I hate hypocrisy, prudes, and censorship so if you're looking for Ben Affleck and his magnificent member in all it's glory, find the gif below.

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