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Usher uses a vagina as a phone charger


Usher is a serious artist into serious art dammit! As can be seen here where he paid a woman's to use her vagina to charge his phone because, er, 'performance art' peoples...

The serious segment of this story is that Usher was in Miami for Art Basel last night at an exibition called Vector Gallery.  One of the displays was a piece of performance art where a woman would accept money to allow you to charge your phone for ten minutes via a phone charger that had been placed in her vagina.  Ludicrous or genius?  You decide (I'm going with option C, uncomfortable).

The 'eye-roll' part of me can't wait to see the opinion pieces that come out on this - can you just imagine the klan types? "Black man violates white woman's vagina..." or of course conservative feminists, "the oppression and objectification of the female vagina by Usher"...


Look I think this whole piece is ridiculous, but this is a woman choosing to attempt to make a statement that people have become to dependent on devices and is using shock value and a celebrity who was in the right place at the right (wrong?) time to promote her message. I'm not sure I would have gone anywhere near this if I was Usher but as he's trying to re-create his image as seriously interested in art... why not?

NSFW video below of the exchange.

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