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Terrorism, North Korea and Seth Rogan's new Special Forces bodyguard


If you haven't already heard, North Korea kiboshed Seth's new movie The Interview, a tale of basically assassinating North Korea's leader with, y'know, comedic overtones.

See now if someone wrote a movie where they assassinated me I'd be all like "two can play at that game mate" and I'd start knocking out a script that may or may not involve sharks with 'freaking lasers'.  Seems that Kim Jong Un isn't much for typing though.

North Korea did what it always does and screamed 'American pig-dogs you die!' or something to that effect (I don't speak Korean or have a direct line to Kim Jong Un) after hearing about the movie and allegedly got a bunch of hackers to leak private emails and information about the movie's backer - Sony.

Well now The Interview's cinema release has been cancelled (no idea if the DVD will be released) because the same hackers that whacked Sony said 9/11 style terrorist attacks would occur if the movie went ahead.

And after all that Seth Rogan went 'Um... I like all my body parts, time to hire someone awesome at protecting bodies,' and boom - you have Seth's new body guard pictured above.

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