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Patrick Schwarzeggar likes to watch


“Miley loves turning Patrick [Schwarzenegger] on. And one way she does this is by flirting and making out with random hot girls and posting sexy pics on social media for him to see. Patrick is intrigued with Miley and her ‘don’t give a f**k attitude.’ He’s just in awe of her and everything about her turns him on,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

I can't tell if this is awesome or not.  I mean if Patrick is pro pashing-miley while he watches I suppose that this is actually a pretty spectactular act of service by Miley towards Patrick.  On the other hand I've always found that three people in a relationship causes complications.  I suppose if the third person is someone neither of you knows and is never going to see again it's fine, but otherwise...

It will be intesting to see where Patrick and Miley's relationship goes.

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