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George Clooney came out of the Sony hack smelling like roses


So odds are you'll have seen that Sony got hacked by North Korea in response to their releasing a new movie (The Interview) about assassinating their leader.  As a result a series of embarrasing emails have been floating out everything from racist jokes about Obama, calling Kevin Hart a whore, to telling Angelina Jolie is awful (more of the stories here).

(Story via LaineyGossip)

There’s more and more coming out from this Sony email leak giving us one of the biggest days of gossip in a long, long time. Between that and the SAG nominations and trailer releases, I’ve been walking around with a permanent boner.
Anyway, there’s also an email from George Clooney. But he’s the only one who comes out looking GREAT. As he does.
George wrote to Sony head Amy Pascal in September about a film they’re working on called, ironically, Hack Attack. It’s about the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal. It’s the scandal that brought down the News Of The World. And this is what he said to Pascal after the deal was done:
“how much fun are we gonna have… the stakes are higher than citizen kane… i’m so excited to do this film… and for those of you listening in… i’m the son of a news man… everything will be double sourced… so come on with your lawsuits… f***ers…”

So he was writing to Amy Pascal…and anyone who might be breaking into her account.
Prescient George Clooney. And that’s why he’s the Chairman of Hollywood.
But …is that also an invitation? These hackers, they might see it as a challenge. So whatever sh-t Clooney has that he thinks he’s secured, I hope he’s buried it or locked it down tight.
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