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Bieb's is a bit masculine homo-erotic and loves Chris Brown


Why does anyone still hang out with Chris Brown?  I can imagine exactly how the convo in this photo went...

So two stories are floating out into the web about Justin Beiber at the moment.  But first let's ignore his new haircut for a second even though it seems related, because I had that haircut and let me tell you that the list of 'Do you like dick' jokes I recieved was never ending (oh Aussie homo-phobes, how I love thee *cough*).  Mind you, I did end up very drunk in a  gay bar with that hair cut which may have fueled those jokes, but as it is the only time a bartender has ever bought me a drink, I see the whole experience as awesome *winks at the lads* 'How you doing mah lovelies? I drink Maker's Mark btw and yes I do put out on the first date.'

Sorry back to Bieber.

Two stories are making the rounds at the moment, one about the pic above and about the set below.

In each pic there seems to be a lot of tough-guy, repressed 'I actually really just want to cuddle you' feelings shown in these pics.  I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that this means Bieber is finally going to come out, after all, breaking up with Selena Gomez makes waaay more sense if she's lacking the anatomy that really pushes your buttons.

The first story is just general SJW outrage as to whether the above pic is tasteless to which I say... he's hanging out with Chris Brown, tasteless left the building before the pic was taken.  The other story is exactly what you expect "it's interesting that JB likes to play rough-house with his mates but still get's all his bodyguards to fight for him."

Look I don't even like the Biebs, but if I had body guards, I wouldn't fight hecklers either.  Anyway, shirtless-pool-Bieber-manly-wrestling pics below.

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Pictures courtesy TheSuperficial

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