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Bieber get's rejected cause he looks like Ellen


Man. I feel bad for Ellen after this story... I mean there's nothing quite as depressing as being a lesbian and reading that Justin Bieber got shot down by a woman cause he looks like you.

Story via PageSix

Justin Bieber got rejected by a potential hookup who said the pop star resembled Ellen DeGeneres a little too closely for her taste.
Onlookers tell Page Six the newly blond pop star asked a woman for her phone number while out to lunch at Fresh Corn Grill in West Hollywood over the weekend. She turned him down, quipping that he looks like the 56-year-old talk-show host “in person.”
We’re told the observation didn’t sit well with the 20-year-old.
The woman also told Selena Gomez’s on-again, off-again beau that she has a boyfriend.
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