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Anderson Cooper vs Billy Corgan: The cattiness escalates


I love Billy Corgan and have since I was seventeen, so I got a giggle out of this story.

(Story via Death & Taxes)

Last month, Anderson Cooper put Billy Corgan on his “Ridiculist” for having appeared on the cover of PAWS Chicago Magazine with two awesome looking cats. PAWS, by the way, is a super cool no-kill shelter that finds homes for homeless cats and dogs. Cooper felt that appearing on the cover of this magazine destroyed Corgan’s cool grunge street cred or something.

He was also disappointed that Corgan had appeared in a Walter E. Smithe Furniture commercial. Probably because he is not from Chicago and thus not aware of the fact that no one here would ever turn down the opportunity to be in a Walter E. Smithe commercial.

Just gonna throw this out there–I love you madly Anderson Cooper, but you kinda forfeited your right to comment on what is and is not punk rock on the day you were born a Vanderbilt. You cannot fool me, for I have been to your family’s fancy ass summer home in Newport (On a tour. There are tours. It’s not like the Vanderbilts were inviting me in for tea and gold-plated crumpets).

After Corgan’s Ridiculist appearance, he fired off a couple angry tweets at Cooper.

But why leave it at that, when tweets are so ephemeral? The Pumpkins played an intimate show this Wednesday at Thalia Hall in Chicago, and at their merch table that night were these shirts saying “Fuck You, Anderson Cooper,” featuring a picture of his dapper looking cats wearing bowties.

fuck you anderson cooper Smashing Pumpkins sell catty F*ck You Anderson Cooper shirts

I’m gonna say Corgan won this round, because nothing beats cats in bowties.

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