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The Usher Sex Tape resurfaces


In 2010 someone broke into Usher's care and stole some laptops, video cameras and a couple million in jewelry (Wait what?  Who keeps millions of dollars in jewelry in their car?  Oh Usher, that's who). Not long after the event, a sex tape of Usher and his ex-wife (Tameka Foster) suddenly started being shopped around.

Suffice to say, the sale never went through (though it did make the rounds at the offices of TMZ).

In the last few days the video started getting shopped around again.  Not sure why though, the video can't be sold without the consent of Usher or Tameka, so the people trying to release it would be better off if they just uploaded it on 4Chan or Reddit like every other celebrity leak.

Oh well until then - here are some pics of Usher to help you pass the time.

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