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Scott Stapp is broke was placed on psyche hold, doing meth


Scott Stapp best known as the lead singer of Christian rock group Creed is broke and living in the Holiday Inn.  Scott threw out a cry for help via a facebook video detailing his fall from grace after he had 'money stolen' and 'unpaid royalties' before the IRS froze his accounts.  The IRS is claiming it's all a clerical error that will take 9-10 months to clear up.

Cause no biggie ... I mean, who really needs money for 9-10 months?

On the other hand his soon-to-be-ex-wife is saying that Scott's problems are drugs, specifically meth and this his habit has made him paraoid, also that he has threatened to kill himself, his AA sponsor and has the guns with which to carry the acts out.

Normally I put this into the category of "divorce is the friendliest of events where people only say truthful, non-hurtful things about their exes" but TMZ obtained a police report that confirms that on November 13th he was put on a psych hold.

Yeesh.  The perils of the rock'n'roll life style.

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