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Justin Bieber made 80 mil and tops Forbes under 30 list


Nothing says fifteen-year-old girls are clearly attracted to personality and intelligence rather than physical appearance, like Justin Bieber making enough money to depress Scrooge McDuck.

Story via Celebbitchy:

We haven’t seen or heard from much from Justin Bieber lately, and it’s been nice. Scooter Braun must have taken Biebs’ image crisis seriously and told his swaggy goose to lay low. These are all October photos of Biebs hanging out in various places with his crew in tow. You know, just in case you wanted to see someone wearing camos around his thighs. Only Swaggy would do that, but all of the bad behavior and legal woes in the world can’t keep a baby brat down. Forbes has announced it’s annual list of top-earning celebs under 30, and Justin Bieber’s attitude perched at the top. He’s only 20 years old and earned $80 million in 12 months. Swag.
I’m shocked to see Bieber at the top of the list because of his legal woes and the falloutfrom his racist videos. Other names on the list aren’t too surprising. One Direction earned $75 million, and Taylor Swift came in 3rd with $64 million. At the bottom of the top 10 are Avicii ($28 mil) and Skrillex ($18 mil). I try to keep up with the cool kids, but I’m very proud to have never heard a Skrillex tune.
There was an odd bit of Swaggy news last weekend. Remember how he got baptized in a bathtub this summer? TMZ says Biebs is serious about returning to God now. He’s currentlyon a two-week mission at Rancho Mirage in Palm Springs. He’s hanging with a pastor and “has exiled himself from friends, alcohol, weed and everything else that doesn’t involve the good Lord.” Really. I don’t think Swaggy is sincere, but his team will probably put up with any amount of pomp and circumstance to keep him happy. I only hope we don’t have a future Kirk Cameron situation on our hands.
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