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Jim Parson is taking nerds to new heights thanks to Intel


What says nerd better than the cast of The Big Bang Theory, or more importantly one cast member, Jim Parson?  Not much.

Fortuately this is working out just fine for Jim who has just been signed as the face for Intel, the world largest micro-chip manufacturer.

Celebritytoob had this to say:

Beginning on Monday, the carefully timed campaign, set to get people shopping for new technology in time for the holiday, is going to be aired just about everywhere you can air any sort of commercial or media clip. Not only can “Big Bang Theory,” fans expect to see Sheldon Cooper’s face on television promoting Intel, they’ll see him on Facebook, Vine, Twitter and YouTube. Get ready to get your Christmas shopping on, fans, as this is one campaign that’s not likely to go away for very long this holiday season.
Despite what the timing and the commercials entail, however, the company states that the campaign is less about promoting purchase of the products in time for the holidays, but more about reminding the world that Intel is the leader in all things innovative and technological. Of course, if people happen to go out and buy their products and spend money on them during and after the holiday season, that’s probably okay with the company as well.
The company recently lost its spot on the list of Top 10 Interbrand Best Global Brands, dropping to number 12, and the loss of a spot in the top 10 is very concerning for the company. Intel has always been a PC-oriented company, and the increased use of mobile technology has been worrisome to the company, especially considering Intel has dropped places on the list several years in a row.
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