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Busta Rhymes busts his head


(Article via TheBlemish)
Busta Rhymes was on stage at Webster Hall in New York City for a surprise appearance at another raper’s concert when he got too turnt up and fell head first onto the cold, unforgiving ground.
Video of the walking HGH advertisement shows Busta bouncing to whatever the hell was playing and then all of a sudden toppling over in slow motion and falling off the stage.

TMZ says he slipped but my theory is that he flexed so hard that his neck muscles cut off circulation to his brain and he passed out. Sort of like what happens to little kids when they get too excited and forget to breathe.
Busta ended up with a gash on his head. He went backstage and got fixed up but never returned. Not matter though. This video will give you way more hours of entertainment.
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