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Brangelina Throw Down Down-Under

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Soooo Brad and Angelina are hanging out in Sydney right now and since it's been three months since they got married it's clearly time for their entire relationship to implode like a reverse Hindenburg. The Woman's Day magazine is responsible for these pics and the story and written up like a segment of days of our lives, with clearly this photo meaning that Brangelina is about to come apart at the seams (check it out here).

Personally I think they've completely misinterpretted this situation and believe I can read their lips and body language from these still images.

If I read this correctly the conversation goes more like this:

Image one Brad:  I'm telling you Ang, my penis is this *empathic hand gesture* big...
Image two Ang: Sweety I don't want to burst your bubble, but I've had penises that big and I think you need your eyes checked.
Image three Brad: Well let's perform scientific testing through quantative analysis by having tonnes of amazing beautiful people sex, just so we can settle this once and for all...

I can't find image three for some reason but I'm sure that's how it all went down.

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