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Shia LeBeouf speaks out on his arrest

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Shia is one of those guys who I feel is tragically under rated.  The man is a burgeoning adonis as far as I'm concerned, unfortunately however, he can't speak like a normal person.  I don't know what it is, his delivering in most flicks I've seen him in is spot on but in interviews his stream of consciousness approach to conversation makes it seem like he's not actually in the room with the person he's speaking to, like everything coming out his mouth is happening in his head and he's there instead.

But judge for yourself in the interview below where he explains some of the recent oddities that made the rounds in the press a while ago.

On a side note, I love this interview - I think his bland honesty is refreshing.  I'd buy him a whiskey if I met him at a bar.

Or alternatively here's some pics of him without the beard:

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