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I feel bad for Robert Pattinson


Yeah, so that was a headline I never thought I'd write in this lifetime, but it's true.  Recently Rob started dating a charming young british lady, a singer by the name of FKA Twigs...

Ok before we go further, unless her parents really didn't like her, I'm assuming she chose that as a stage name.  Which makes me wonder  how much she likes herself.  Is there cool street lingo attached to twigs that I don't know about?  I mean I look at that name and feel like this is a gameshow where I need buy a letter and guess the phrase:

"FKA Twigs?  I'd like to solve it Rob; Is 'Fuck-All Twigs' the answer?"

Bit I digress.

It appears that FKA is a woman of color.  Now I personally enjoy people of every flavor and a couple of people in my family are in interracial marriages. So I don't bat an eyelid for that whatsoever.

But some twihards are losing their shit.  How dare the palest man in the world date someone that isn't white *insert southern accent here* 'Mah gawd Ertle, wut is the dang world comin' to?'

Personally, I think this is just his vampire character recognising black people as his real chance at immortality - ever notice that Blade aka the Daywalker is a black vampire?  *Sound of crickets* Black people, superior pigmentation for sun protection? He's a vam... Hello, Hello, is this thing on?

I'll move on, article on the disgruntled Twi-hards can be found here.

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