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Celebgate 3.0 Leaks Nick Hogan... and no one cares


So this is interesting.

I discuss gender issues fairly regularly and a little while ago stated that people are only interested in the Celebgate leaks because it is of celebs, and the issue with the leak is the attached stigmatisation of sexuality, and primarily female sexuality.  I do not believe that the negativity attached to the leak is a result of the invasion of privacy, I do not believe the issue is a lack of consent - though clearly both of those things happened.

I cited as evidence that people are only interested in the leak when it's about celebs, and they are only outraged by the pics of people that are sexual in nature.  No one cares about male leaks, or leaks that are not sexual in nature.

As expected, a few conservative feminists lost their minds in response to that article (lipstick feminists upvoted me before the conservatives got in).

Well here is the next round of evidence.

This is a male leak as part of Celebgate / The Fappening and the pics are completely G-rated or PG-rated in my opinion (EDIT: Dick pics and one or two of Nick's girlfriend have now been added as part of this leak.  The story isn't getting any traction though as 1) He's not a major celeb 2) He's male.  As a result, no one cares about the leak, no one is covering this story).

Several of the last round of leaks have been completely non-nudes of females (eg Anna Kendrick, Nina Dobrev) but they are still being reported as 'victims' as part of Celebgate (though that attention is really media reinforcement of gender role norms associated with Woman-As-Child).  The non-nude looks barely got attention compared to the actresses that had nudes leaked.

No female sexuality to stigmatise = relatively no interest in the story.

In the meantime male celebrities like Bieber and Omarian have been allegedly leaked and it's not a blip on the media radar.

In each instance there has been a 'lack of consent' and an 'invasion of privacy'.  But take a look at the pics, do you care that they were leaked?  I don't, and I don't know anyone else that does.  Why? Because there is no female sexuality to stigmatise.  This time a woman is collateral damage as part of the leak that targetted a male celeb, but again, it won't receive a mention because she's not a celeb.  

This is the third male deliberately targeted by the hack, there are at east five others released as part of Celebgate but that appear only as collateral damage.  Do you even know their names, have you heard them mentioned in popular media? Nope.

If they are 1) not Celebs or 2) have no female sexuality to stigmatise - no one cares about the leak.

Which brings me full circle: If female sexuality was not stigmatised - the leaks, regardless of whether they are an invasion of privacy, regardless of whether they involve a lack of consent - wouldn't even be a blip on our media's radar.

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