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Keanu Reeves can't even fend off the ladies with a stick anymore


Keanu is back in the spotlight again with the release of his new movie John Wick (see a rundown in our Nerdgasms sections here). Apparently that attention has gathered him the love of the ladies once more.  I don't know if the love was on hiatus or... whatever.

Three days ago a woman in her 40's broke into his house while he slept.  Keanu, being awesome, wandered into the library, sat down and chatted with her isntead of going apeshit, and then had her escorted out by police.

The next day another woman broke in, got naked, had a shower in his shower and then skinny dipped in his pool.

Cause you know... reasons.

His garden staff let him know and then he called police who also escorted the woman off the premises.  I'm asking:
  1. What kind of freaking fail security does this guy have that everyone keeps actually getting in?
  2. How does this guy not sleep in a panic room 24/7
If girls were breaking into my home and getting naked I'd, I'd...

I'd remember that my girlfriend reads this and suddenly develop a case of amnesia as to where I was going with that.

*Insert obvious distraction here*... Look, Keanu PICS!

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