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George got hitched


So I have a love / hate relationship with George Clooney.  I love him because... how could you not? And kind of hate him for the same reasons - he's donkey's older than me and yet still looks better now than I did at my prime.  In short, looking at his mug is a constant reminder of his genetic superiority.

But I digress.

George got married to Amal Alamuddin, so now you're fantasy's about him will have to include extra-marital affairs which is still a win because we all know the naughty sneakiness attached to that is tonnes hotter, right?

Amal speaks three languages, and is a dual qualified English barristser and New York litigation attorney who got her papers from Oxford...

George... what were you thinking?  You've hooked up with a freaking uber-brilliant lawyer... who while she isn't a divorce lawyer probably knows the best divorce lawyers in the world who will destroy you pro bono at her behest.  You had Stacy Kiebler, the Kiebs... how could you walk away from the Kiebs? If I was drowning and had to choose between Stacy Keibler and dry land...

Well, tell my family I loved them.

Anyway - pics of one of the hottest men in show business:

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