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Aaron Paul: The man, the legend... the scavenger hunt?



Breaking Bad the TV series was a phenomenon.  If you go up to the average white person (see: 'Crak-ahh') there is a better than average chance the person was religiously involved with the show, knew all the lines, and would wordlessly burst into a metaphysical multi-coloured rainbow of joy at the mere utterance of the word: 'Bitch'.

BJ! A divorce tale - The drama sequel!


...continuing the discussion of why not to sensationalise other human beings pain...

...though, probably not.

If BJ does actually get divorced, I see things ending badly for Jay-Z...
So for a while now rumours have been floating around that BJ (c'mon, mind out of the gutter...) are ending things.

There was a massive blue between Jay-Z and Beyonce's sister that got press everywhere for a while (if it was real - props Jay-Z on acting like a fucking man and not bitch-slapping the lady) and then the next thing that hit the radar is the slow 'completely staged' meltdown of the BJ relationship. House?


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I have super-happy-fun-time nostalgia for Full House.  Let's face it, John Stamos is clearly a man-vampire with unearthly powers of lady persuasion.  The man looks better now than he did 20 years ago!

Anyway, word is that Full House may be making a come back with John as the lead, a series of the old crew and a bunch of new cast.  Would you watch the return of Uncle Jessie?  I would.

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